"The best, most informative professional course I have ever been to in 32 years!”

- Dr. Michael Denbar

"This presentation was a blessing! I have never taken notes on any subject more feverishly! Outstanding presenter and extremely valuable information.”

- Dr. Chris Bandy

"I have not been to a meeting in quite a while where the time just flew by! GREAT presentation and material.”

- Dr. John Hatcher

"He had enough information for a whole day. I should have had this information when I got out of dental school in 1954. Old too soon—smart too late!”

- Dr. John Morris

"One of the best and most helpful courses I have attended in many years. Definitely the best asset protection course ever.”

- Dr. William Gardner

"The best session I took at the ASA Convention. Thank you.”

- Gary Simonetta

"Definitely was an eye opener. As a new business owner, makes perfect sense! Thank you for this enlightenment."

- Dr. Adriana Corredor

"The information provided in this presentation was the most important info I received as a result of attending the conference.”

- Bernie Malloy

"This was one of the best—if not the best—class I attended at the show! It should have been all day. Very informative. Thank you.”

- Jeff Cutliff

"Presentation was not only informative and entertaining it also was very motivational.”

- Dr. Norman Marks

"This information was helpful. . . . I can now tell my lawyer and accountant what I want and my business can be fully protected.”

- Curtis Evans

"We had no idea how much of this legal stuff could potentially affect our business and potentially bankrupt us. We will definitely be rethinking our business structure and restructuring it. Thank you!”

- Wacey Kirkpatrick

"I was inspired. It was rather enlightening and I wished I had heard it years ago for its valuable information. I wish he had more time to speak!”

- Dr. Mary Grotz

"I really enjoyed this presentation. I would recommend this presentation to friends, family and other businesses.”

- Lindsey Filley

"I wish I could have known this information before my parents passed away. It would have saved us hundreds of thousands. I am making changes so that my children will get what I worked so hard for.”

- Richard Roelli

"I was impressed with Mr. Oxenham's presentation, on a topic that few if any optometrists are well prepared for. His material, demeanor, and presentation was completely professional, and I am grateful for the volume of information that was presented! My only suggestion- I took so many notes that I ran out paper to write them on! Perhaps extra note paper? Many thanks for the information presented."

- Dr Chad Carter

"Excellent Presentation and useful material!"

- Dr. Laurence Rubin

"The speaker and presentation were both very helpful. Some of the information and concepts were new to me, and some confirmed things I already have in place. Now I at least have a firmer grasp of the direction my family and business neet to have! Thanks."

- Dr. Trish White

"Due to attending this session I am already beginning to educate myself to make definitive changes in my personal and business legal affairs. This has moved me to action."

- Dr. Jeffrey Eubank

"Very well prepared, covered an amazing breadth and depth of information in a short amount of time. Very specific recommendations that can be inplemented in phases."

- Dr. Val Poll

"The Speaker did an excellent Job."

- Dr. Denyce Verti

"The Presentation was definitely an eye-opener. It shifted my focus from the day to day worrying and planning the small stuff, to focusing on the large picture of protection what we have worked to accumulate."

- Dr. Kenneth Currie

"We have been needing to protect our assets and put our assets into a trust for a long time. Now we have a guide on how to do it."

- Dr. Guy Tucker

"The information presented was very meaningful and has stimulated thought which will lead to action. The presentation was appreciated."

- Dr Harold Weiner

"Excellent presentation! I've always wondered how large companies are able to avoid lawsuits...now I know. I am excited to learn more!"

- Elliot Crane

"Thank you so much for such a GREAT lecture... You are the first speaker I have ever heard do it-and in an understandable way! I wish you all the best, hope to see you again, and thank you for your message and program."

- Dr. John G. Kharouf

"I have neglected this area of my financial life and finally have enough assets to worry about protecting them. His Presentation was organized and clean."

- Dr. Bruce Evans

"Definitely was an eye opener. As a new business owner, makes perfect sense! Thank you for this enlightenment."

- Dr. Adriana C. Corredor

"[The] presentation was a paradigm shift for me. I already have my plan "blueprint" and am underway!"

- Dr. Stephen Kerr, Houston

"I feel like I have a clearer direction of where I want my assets placed. Thank you for a Great and informative presentation."

- Dr. Kim Nguyen

"Wish we could have spent more than three hours with you."

- Dr. Jeanine Johns

"[The] presentation was not only informative and animated (entertaining) it also was very motivational to get us going. It's a shame it is not required of all dentists before opening a practice."

- Dr. Norman J. Marks

"This Presentation is just the kick I needed to finish my estate protection plan. It clarified what to do after changing owners in five ventures that I was just negligent about. I am glad I went!"

- Dr. John C. Henry

"Great seminar. A tremendous amount of material was covered- wish the seminar was longer to go more in depth or more specific in some areas- good overview."

- Margo Ahern
...and Many, Many More!
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